How Can I Exclude Files With Certain Extensions During Backup?

NormShield Hotpoint prompts the user for individual backups (database if local, web portal and agent) during the update process. By default files with extension ".log" are not backed-up in order to save space.

However, should you choose, you can also customize this extensions in order further to suit your needs. For example, you can choose not to backup .log, .xml and .dat files in order to save more space. As a side note, .xml files are the result reports of automated vulnerability scanners and may take heavy space if not configured to be purged after certain expiration period from the Hotpoint - Agent Manager user interface.

In order to do this, add a key with name excludedbackupextensions with to NSUpdate.exe.config files as shown in following image. Here none of the files ending with .log, .xml or .dat will be backedup.


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