How Can I Change The Backup Directory?

NormShield Hotpoint prompts the user for individual backups (database if local, web portal and agent) during the update process. Should you choose to continue with the backup of any parts, the update process will use a default backup directory which rests inside the installation directory of NormShield Hotpoint under Backup subdirectory. An example is shown below, where the NormShield Hotpoint installation directory is C:\NormShield.



If you want to use a custom Backup directory other than the default one, than you have to update two configuration files namely; NSHotpoint.exe.config and NSUpdate.exe.config. Make sure that you can view extensions on your copy of Windows Explorer. Both files resides under the NormShield Hotpoint installation directory.

Add a key with name backuppath with same name and value (directory path for backup) to both NSHotpoint.exe.config and NSUpdate.exe.config files as shown the following. Here instead of the default backup directory, G:\Backup will be used for backups and restores.



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