Scheduling Custom Reports

When provided NormShield reports don't fit, NormShield Custom Reports is the answer. As of July 2016 there are eleven custom reports;

These reports can also be scheduled.

Clicking one of the custom reports shown above will pop-up a dialog where report scope details can be specified. Here after specifying the scope of the report (assets, asset labels, report type), the report can also be scheduled.

By enabling the feature (from Off to On) a execution and sending date can be chosen as well as a period of execution can be selected. Here's the possible periods;

  • every week
  • every 2 weeks
  • every 4 weeks
  • every month
  • every month with same offset (e.g. the second Monday of every month)
  • every 3 months
  • every 6 months

Additionally the recipient email addresses should be entered (separated with ; if multiple). Then clicking Schedule & Generate button will produce an example report and set the schedule. The scheduled reports can be listed under Reports->Scheduled Reports sub-menu.


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