Scheduling Vulnerability Reports

Generic vulnerability search screen is the key interface for searching vulnerabilities conforming to various search criteria, such as status, name, id, scanner source, date, etc.

Under Vulnerability->Vulnerability List sub-menu the interface also provides an Operations section which list a few operational actions. One of which is for producing reports of listed/searched vulnerabilities.

When the export button is clicked, export settings dialog pops-up as shown below;

Here the export type (HTML, PDF or CSV) and a template can be chosen and the report can be produced. Moreover, the produced report can also be scheduled. By enabling the feature (from Off to On) a execution and sending date can be chosen as well as a period of execution can be selected. Here's the possible periods;

  • every week
  • every 2 weeks
  • every 4 weeks
  • every month
  • every month with same offset (e.g. the second Monday of every month)
  • every 3 months
  • every 6 months

Additionally the recipient email addresses should be entered (separated with ; if multiple). Then clicking Schedule & Export button will produce an example report and set the schedule. The scheduled reports can be listed under Reports->Scheduled Reports sub-menu.


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