How Can I Install/Update NormShield Through HTTP Proxy?

NormShield Hotpoint provides a flexible HTTP proxy settings for a successful installation and update actions in direct Internet access environments. 

That aside a direct Internet connection to below hosts will prevent most of the install/update hassle, let alone, this will enable automatic/offline update processes.


Nevertheless, below shows the settings for a proxy configuration in NormShield Hotpoint. Click on the Proxy button for proxy settings interface.

The first option is direct connection and this is the default. The second option is to leverage Internet Explorer proxy settings (either it's a pac file or GPO restricted proxy setting) with the credentials of the current user. Therefore, this second option is only good for manual install/updates.

The last option is manually entering the proxy address and credentials. Credentials are saved encrypted with Windows DPAPI.

After any changes click Save button to save the configuration. And click Test button for checking the connectivity.

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