How Can I Enable OTRS Ticketing System to Synchronize with NormShield?

OTRS is an flexible Open Source service management software used extensively for ticketing needs. NormShield has an integrated support for OTRS through the use of NormShield Hotpoint.

In order to connect NormShield to OTRS installation, RESTful web service should be enabled at the OTRS portal first;

Note: This document is written for OTRS 5.0

  1. Download OTRS REST yml
  2. Import the yml on OTRS portal (System Administration->Add web service->Import web service->select the yml above->Import)
  3. Create an agent with enough permissions (ability to create/check tickets on the Queue that is being used), take note of the password.

After OTRS preparations open up NormShield Hotpoint. Click on Ticketing tab and then OTRS button. Make sure you have the latest updates if the OTRS button is missing.

From the interface opened up, first enable the agent and enter the connection parameters. For the URL make sure it's the authentication page. Enter the Queue name, whose default is Raw. And hit the Test button right next to Queue name text box. Make sure a test ticket is created on the remote OTRS server.

Hit the Save button. From now on, when a vulnerability is assigned to a user, its corresponding ticket will be opened in OTRS. The assigned user will be selected as the owner of the ticket.



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