Labelling Assets or Creating Companies, How Should I Decide?

It is important to classify assets in the inventory for both management and presentation perspectives. NormShield allows a few grouping options; users, vulnerabilities, assets.

Since enterprises sometimes have group companies or sub-companies, NormShield also has the ability of managing companies under a single umbrella.

So when it comes to make a decision about whether should we create a new company or create a new label in order to group assets, below quick hints may help to choose the right answer.

Creating a Company is the Right Choice when;

  • There will be a separate manager user (Company Admin) who will analyze the vulnerabilities, manage scans and users for the assets which will be created. This is usually the case when the assets to be created belong to a group company which has a information security professionals on their own or,
  • There will be same IP addresses used by the two different company structures.

Creating a Label is the Right Choice when;

  • There will only be responsible users, who will be assigned to vulnerabilities, of an asset or an asset group. So no separate managerial responsibilities exist or
  • There is just a goal of grouping assets into meaningful sections for reporting, charting.
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