Importing Existing Scans

In addition to Fast Adapt, scan results from commercial vulnerability scanners with ease. That means manual historical import of XML outputs of the following scanners are supported; Nessus, Acunetix, Netsparker, IBM AppScan, Arachni, Burp, Nexpose, OpenVas, OWASP ZAP and BADES.

By clicking the Import Scan File button in Scan->Scan Configurations sub-menu, a dialog pops up as shown below.

Here XML output files of listed scanners can be fed into NormShield historically with an additional input of label for the possible assets that are new to NormShield.

Both scans, vulnerabilities and assets will be inserted historically by using the time information in the XML files, if exists.

Scanner XML files can be quite big sometimes and NormShield by default supports max of 400MB XML files from authenticated and high privileged users. There's no easy, from interface, way of changing this value and it can only be changed from application configuration file.

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