Root Cause Analysis

It might always be easier to treat the symptoms after a vulnerability scan, however, it's much more important, albeit harder, to find and fix the root cause. For example, a vulnerability stemming from an old Apache HTTPD version might be fixed by upgrading to newest Apache HTTPD version. However, the root cause of this vulnerability is probably because of a non-existing or not-working Patch Management process.

NormShield helps ITSec professionals to find out the problematic root causes by bringing a simple root cause classification on the vulnerability categories in the Knowledge Base menu.

Users can define and attach their root causes to the vulnerability categories and then pull out root cause analysis graphs instantly.

From Vulnerability->Knowledge Base menu, similar to Tags, custom Root Causes can be attached to selected vulnerability categories as shown below.

Then with this information and existing vulnerabilities, NormShield produces graphs like below, which helps ITSec professionals to reveal the problematic processes.

Example root causes that can be used are listed below;

Patch Management
System Hardening
Security Awareness
Secure Deployment
Password Management
Secure Development
Configuration Management
Secure Design
Security Operation
Risk Management

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