Company Settings

There are two types of settings for NormShield UVM. General Settings applies to all of the companies defined, and Company Settings apply to the company that is selected.

In order to reach the settings, choose Admin-> Settings submenu.

In order to change the settings of a specific company, choose the name of the company from the combo box at the upper right corner.

Important: Every changes should follow clicking the Save Settings button in order to persist...


First settings type specific to companies is the Minimum Vulnerability Severity threshold as shown above. The value of this settings denotes that any vulnerability found automatically through scans with vulnerability severity lower or equal than this selected severity will not be inserted into the NormShield.

The second settings type is described in details in SLA Calculation and PreAlerts article.

One another piece of important information is the GUID generated specifically for your company. SIEM integration is possible by consuming SIEM API with this automatically generated token.

Auto Recheck Scans can be used to automate validation of vulnerabilities, fixed by the responsible personnel, found by an automatic scanner. Auto Recheck Scans can be turned on for users in Company Users role, who has the responsibility to fix vulnerabilities that were assigned to them. The user after fixing a vulnerability (for example by applying a patch and restarting the system) can plan a scheduled auto recheck scan in the same dialog that he/she changes the status of the related vulnerability to Recheck. Allow Users to Schedule a Scan setting can enable/disable this permission

On the other hand Auto Recheck Scans can also be scheduled periodically without giving this operation to the individual Company Users. Once it is decided all Recheck status vulnerabilities found by an automatic vulnerability scanner can be re scanned given a start date and periodicity.

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