Asset Graphs

Assets are the basic blocks of NormShield. One of the most important piece of information to gather about assets are the vendor and product information during all those vulnerability or port scans. The graph below shows overall vendor and product distribution.

Another distribution graph to produce is based on the operating system.

Most of the time the number of up assets surpasses the number of assets in the given intranet IP blocks, thankfully from the security-wise. The following graph tells how sparse your intranet is. Configuring asset discovery is a big helper to produce this graph, but not mandatory.

IT Security professionals tend to group their target assets. This important classification gives opportunity to prioritize the actions that should be taken. The graph below gives a heat map of asset groups (through assigned labels) against five different vulnerability severities. For each severity level the more the cell gets blue, the more it needs mitigation actions.

Last but not the least the following two lists give the invaluable knowledge of expiration dates about SSL certificates and domain registrations.


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