Authentication & Access Requirements

  • For installation and scans needing high-privileges (portscan);
    • An OS user with Administrator privileges (Administrators group)
  • For MSSQL database connection
    • Mixed authentication
    • A user with db_owner role for to be created NormShield database
  • For Internet access (Direct access or an internet proxy URL, username and password)
    • whois access for domain monitoring (outgoing TCP 43)
    • Outbound for vulnerability feeds and updates (TCP 80/443)
    • Outbound for company specific data synchronization (TCP 80/443)
    • Outbound for local sql server installation (TCP 80/443)
  • For Intranet access
    • FW exclusion list for port scanning against possible intranet/dmz targets
  • For connection access from Agents to NormShield portal
    • Except the default agent installed on the same server as the portal, other agents should have access to the portal IP address (TCP 80/443)
  • For connection access from configured Agent to vulnerability scanner (nessus, nexpose, openvas, arachni, etc.)
    • For example, agent that is configured with Nessus network scanner should have access to the Nessus server (typically TCP 8834)
  • For Active Directory connection. The machine doesn’t have to be attached to a domain.
    • A user for validating users and querying their properties
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