Scanning Process

A scan, whether automatic or manual depending on the policy selected at creation time, starts to run when the start date arrives. When the scan runs, a new scan result is formed under that scan. For periodic scans at every period (daily/weekly or monthly) a new scan result is formed. For one time scans only one scan result is formed. In order to reach these scan results Scan->Scan Results sub-menu should be clicked.

Figure 1 - Security scan results interface

The status of a scan can be easily changed here by clicking the Edit icon next to each results as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - The status change of a scan

The input names and their explanation are shown in Table 1.

Input Name



Scans status are listed as the following;

·        Running: the scan is currently running

·        Failed: the scan has failed for some reason

·        Manual Analysis: the scan has run and now waiting for manual analysis, typical for false positive filtering

·        Completed: the scan is completed

·        Queued: the scan is queued


A description for the scan that may help the auditor handling the false positives etc.

Send e-mail to user?

Should the NormShield send status changes to the user who created the Scan request.

Table 1 - The input listing of scan status change dialog

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