Asset Panorama

NormShield has a panoramic view of company's assets including every detail you need. This panoramic view, complementing the list view, includes;

  • Any alarms related to the asset,
  • Vulnerabilities specific to the asset,
  • Ports and services found on the asset,
  • Possible SSL protocol weaknesses and an NormShield SSL Score if the asset serve SSL,
  • Domain/SSL certificate reference and monitor information specific to the asset,
  • Resolved IP address changes,
  • Passively found vulnerabilities against the products this asset has and other details.

The panorama contains an instant risk understanding of the asset by viewing the NormShield Risk Score automatically given which is derived from the severity of the existing vulnerabilities and the priority of the asset itself given when defined.

Iterating through the assets and searching is also possible with the panoramic view, which gives a superb flexibility when skimming through the assets.

Figure 1 - 360 degree panoramic asset view

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