Labelling Assets

Labels are a dynamic and effective way of grouping assets. For example, assets may be grouped according to their physical locations, such as Ankara or New York, or logical work groups such as ecommerce applications or mobile banking backends or even unix servers. Moreover, an asset may be assigned more than one label.

Figure 1 shows the Filters and Operations part of the asset listing by clicking Asset->Asset List submenu. From the operations part it’s easy to remove an existing label from filtered and selected assets, or assigning a new/existing labels to filtered and selected assets.

Furthermore, the listed assets can be exported in CSV format or bulk deleted under the same operations part.

Labels are also a flexible way for searching assets and vulnerabilities using the Filters criteria of related user interfaces. Moreover, to the point reports and graphics are also become easy to produce by using labels as explained in Analytics.

Figure 1 - Label operations on assets

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