There are four distinct roles defined in NormShield for users. These roles are as shown in Table 1.

Role Name



Users with this role have all the accesses to every menus and operations


Users with this role are similar to root users except that these users can’t;

· create/update/delete companies

Company Admin

Users with this role can take every actions for his/her own company e.g. Note: Company admins are sent emails for notifications about their responsible companies. These notifications include, scan processes, alarms, user creations, SLA alerts, etc.

· create/update/delete assets,

· create/update/delete vulnerabilities,

· assign vulnerabilities,

· read/produce reports,

· create/update/delete company users and admins

Company Admin Readonly

Same with Company Admin but this user cannot take any action. The user can use the system in readonly mode.

Company User

Users with this role have the least privileges, they can only see vulnerabilities that are assigned to them and change their status form open to recheck status.

Table 1 - Rows defined in NormShield

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