What's the difference between NormShield and other CSS services?

While most of the current continuous security scan services are similar in what they do, here are the values added by NormShield:

  1. Minimum of two commercial automatic scanning software are utilized for each of the main vulnerability categories such as Web & Network scans.
  2. Affordable price with flexible license types, especially with 12 months contract of 1 C class IP block and 5 domain names.
  3. Manual review of vulnerabilities dissected in order to free false positives. Normshield security specialists are filtering out what doesn't matter and only keep the genuine vulnerabilities
  4. Manually controlled scans result in low to none interruptions in the target services that your assets map to Reporting both in HTML and PDF formats
  5. Vulnerability information is stored fully encrypted and the source code development is aligned with secure coding practices such as threat modeling, source code analysis and penetration tests

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