Domain Monitoring

Domain monitoring consists of automated checks about top level domain (TLD) derived from URL type assets against any successful hacking attempts. Any changes in WhoIs records will be reflected to responsible users (usually company admins) through Alarms. Here are the conditions that alarms are created;

  • Change of domain administrative email
  • Change of domain registrar
  • Change of name servers
  • Existence of non-secure domain status (the ones that doesn’t contain prohibited)
  • When the domain expiration date is close
  • The change of the domain expiration date

The SSL monitoring for URL assets are activated as the assets are created in NormShield.

The configuration of the domain monitoring can be handled by clicking Intelligence->Domains & Certificate Monitoring submenu. Clicking Configure button opens a dialog box, shown in Figure 1, where notification types and threshold values (in days) for expiration can be selected.

Figure 1 - Configuring domain and SSL certificate monitoring

The input names and their explanation are shown in Table 1.

Input Name


Days To Expire

The threshold days that when certificate or domain registration is thought to be close to expiration in order to create alarms

Notification Type

The notification options the way alarms sent;

·        Email

·        SMS

·        Both

Table 1 - The input listing of configuring a domain and SSL certificate monitoring

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