Creating Scans

There are three types of scans in NormShield;

  • Periodic security scans
  • One time security scans
  • Quick scans

Periodic security scans are the ones that are configured to run at time intervals. One time security scans only run once.

Scan interface can be reached by opening Scan->Scan Configurations sub menu as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Security scan configuration interface

A new scan request can be created by clicking New Scan button.

Figure 2 - Creating a new scan request

The input names and their explanation are shown in Table 1.

Input Name



The company that the scan will be run upon. Only root users can select companies

Scan Name

An appropriate and explanatory name for the scan


Labels of assets that are in the scope of the scan. Multiple labels can be selected

Predefined Asset(s)

Raw assets that are already part of the NormShield inventory can be written here

Exclude List

Assets that are already part of the labels selected but are wanted to be excluded from the list can be written here.

Scan Date

Date and time values of the start of the scan


Predefined policies, see Scan Policies


Select the agent with which this scan should be run. This is important especially for different networks are scanned with different and appropriate NormShield agents.

If no particular agent is important, leave it blank.

Manual Analysis

Set it to ON, if a manual analysis is needed after the scan is complete before the vulnerabilities are inserted into the system, such as Task triggering.


An on/off button determining the type of this scan; periodic or one time


If the Periodic button is on, then there are two types of intervals;

·        Weekly

·        Monthly

Stop Scan After

If the Periodic button is on, denotes the number of scans executed till the periodicity is shut off. 0 means scans will be executed indefinitely.

Table 1 - The input listing of creating a scan request

The policy and the status (enabled/disabled) of a scan can be easily changed here by clicking the Edit icon next to each scans as shown in Figure 1.

There is also a new Notification Email(s) text area where any target recipients can be notified for any state changes of this scan, such as starting, stopping, finishing etc.

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