Managing Companies

NormShield implements segregation of duties when it comes to vulnerability management for enterprises that have group companies. Each group company may be defined with specific administrators (company administrators) and users (company users).

A new company can be created by opening the related interface (Figure 1) from Admin->Companies sub menu and then clicking New Company button.

Figure 1 - Company listings

When the New Company button is clicked, a dialog box is opened as shown in Figure 2. After entering the values click Save Changes button in order to finish the creation process.

Figure 2 - New company interface

While intuitive, the input names and their explanation are shown in Table 1.

Input Name


Company Name

A suitable name for the company to be created

Licence Type

Here are the licence types; Basic, Professional and Enterprise. These types determine the IP and URL asset limits that a company can define in NormShield. These values can be changed at a later time.

License Start Date

The start date of the license

License End Date

The end date of the license

Feature - Ticketing

Enable/Disable ticketing feature for the company

Feature - Task

Enable/Disable automatic task feature for the company

Table 1 - The input listing of creating a new company

Every row in Figure 1 also has actions such as Update, Delete and Limit History icons. When the limit history icon is clicked all the history of all the limit changes will be shown in a dialog as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 - History of limit changes

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